• Mrs. Nelson


    Queridos padres y estudiantes (Dear Parents and Students):

    My name is Rosa Nelson. For eight years I have worked as the ELL (English Language Learning) teacher at Gibraltar, teaching Spanish to 7th, 8th and 9th graders as well as Spanish K-5. This will be my sixth year teaching Spanish at the High School level (Spanish II, III, IV and AP Spanish) and I am extremely excited for this opportunity.

    I am a native of Oviedo, a city located in the Northern part of Spain, and I have been a resident of the United States for twenty nine years, with a three year interlude in Bologna, Italy. I am also proud to share I finally became an American Citizen four years ago.

    This summer I traveled to Perú with a group of Gibraltar students during the month of June. In Perú, we visited Lima, Cuzco, Machu Pichu, and the Amazon jungle. It was an extraordinary experience! I am already planning a new adventure to take our students to another exciting Spanish speaking location in 2021 so stay put! I also traveled to Spain during the month os August were I visited my really big family (we are ten brothers and sisters). It was a great vacation!

    As a Spanish teacher, I am very focused on increasing the students' proficiency in their interpretive, presentational and interpersonal forms of communication in the Spanish language. I will encourage my students to take risks, to be bold and not to be afraid to make mistakes as they are the best learning tools when mastering foreign languages. We will work on a variety of fun activities and projects to accomplish our goals.

    I will promote a deeper understanding of the products, practices and perspectives of the Hispanic cultures. Helping the students enjoy and appreciate the diverse Hispanic cultures will increase their understanding of their own culture as well as better prepare them to deal with the global society in which we live today. 

    Rosa Nelson