• Cafeteria Services Welcome

    Greetings from the Cafeteria!

    Mind and body wellness is promoted through our Gibraltar School Food Service Program as we strive to offer a quality menu, affordable to all, prepared and served in a clean, safe environment which encourages pleasant community mealtime for our students, parent’s, staff and faculty.

    Gibraltar’s Child Nutrition Programs comply with federal, state and local requirements.  Child Nutrition Programs are accessible to all children.

    The Gibraltar School District will adhere to the federally mandated nutrient standards for our Child Nutrition Program.  Nutrient standards are the required minimum levels of calories and 5 key nutrients; protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C, to meet the nutrition goals for specific age or grade groups of children for breakfast and lunch menus.  Specifically over the average of a 5 day school week, saturated fat calories will not exceed 10% and have zero grams of Trans fats/portion.  Any fruit juice served will be 100% full strength juice.  A choice of milk will be served, 1% white, skim and fat free chocolate milk are available. We look forward to serving you!

    PS: Occasionally situations warrant a sudden change in the school lunch menu.  When such changes occur we will be serving whole grain chicken nuggets.

    Thank you,

    Carla Marr
    School Nutrition Specialist

    Wellness Committee Invitation

    Individuals wishing to be involved with our Wellness Policy Committee should please contact Mrs. Marr Gibraltar School Nutrition Specialist at 920-868-3284 x273.